Natural Remedies for Heartburn

How to Prevent, relief and cure heartburn

Are you looking for natural remedies for heartburn? Are you wondering what foods are causing you  heartburn ?

Here we offer not only natural remedies for heartburn but also we try to explore causes and reasons for it, both emotional and physical.  Hopefully,  you will learn how to prevent and cure heartburn.

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is an uncomfortable sharp, burning pain in the mid to lower chest, actually very close to the heart. It is therefore mistaken for heart problem. It is a digestive stomach problem related to high acidity and it happens after a meal or when lying down. It is sometimes associated with belching and feeling of fullness in the stomach. It can also be directly related to anxiety and stress.

Physical reasons for heartburn

Before start talking about natural remedies for heartburn we would like to mention some important physical causes  why you might be getting heartburn.

Why do I get heartburn? Often the presence of heartburn  is closely related to over stimulation of stomach glands which produces hydrochloric acid. When we overfill  our stomach with fried and fatty foods, the fat stays in the stomach for a longer time than other kinds of food and it causes heartburn.

Eating under stressful situations are other causes for heartburn. Stress, fatty food and over secretion of acid make the stomach  expand upward and the acid content of the stomach gets up to the esophagus and irritates its mucous lining.

Heartburn can therefore be caused by reflux esophagitis which happens when the spinchter muscle responsible for  closing the stomach from the esophagus relaxes. So the content of the stomach gets to the esophagus.
What foods cause heartburn?

Chocolate, alcohol, coffee, fats and fried food have a relaxing effect in the stomach and esophagus muscles, therefore they are not good for someone who has heartburn.

Emotional Reasons for heartburn

Heartburn is not only caused by physical agents like food. There is a close relationship between our level of stress and heartburn. Below you will find some emotional reasons that might be causing you heartburn.

Our stomach is a place to hold nourishment and to digest it. Once the food enters the stomach it will be kept there for a while until slowly  the acid and some enzymes secrete and start digesting the food content.

It is similar to our mind. First an idea arrives, we keep it and then digest it. Just like our mind when something comes from outside if we don’t give enough time to deal with it  or solve it, we react in an unprepared way, we might react with anger, crying, with unwise laughter, with sarcasm or with an unkind comment. Whereas,  if we are calm and together, we give due time to everything that comes to us, be it words or food.

Learn to avoid prolonged stressful situations.

Learn how to react positively to stressful situations.

Digest life with ease,  as though you will be able to digest food with ease.

Please continue reading  our section on how to prevent heartburn to explore more on how you can actually change some habits to prevent and cure heartburn. Some herbal and natural remedies for heartburn are as well suggested.

How to relief heartburn

 In this section we suggest some tips  that combine with some natural remedies for heartburn will help you get relief and avoid this uncomfortable condition.

-When ready to eat, always start with liquid then eat solid food, be it a glass of water, diluted juice or plain soup.

-Do not drink while eating.

-To prevent heartburn enjoy eating your meal slowly to avoid swallowing air.

-Chew each bite for at least 15 times and try to identify different tastes in it and be present. Think about the food and not why do I get heartburn.

-Do not let your mind fly to your work and affairs. Be in a grateful pose. There is a lot happening even then, it is enough for your senses, body and mind to look at the food, taste it fully,smell it, enjoy it and swallow it with pleasure. Have clear conscious and not guilt feeling, eating is your right.

-If you have company while having a meal, talk after you have chewed your bite. If you talk while eating, you are talking with a full mouth. You are swallowing air and your company is swallowing the unpleasant view!

Fresh cabbage or potato juice are the best natural remedies for heartburn  prevention. They dilute stomach acid.

-Another heartburn natural remedy is Aloe Vera Juice which is high in mucopolysacharide (MPS) and can heal hyperacidity. A good count for MPS would be 15000-per liter.

-The calcium and protein in cow’s milk stimulates the production of more acid. Drink almond milk, raw goat’s milk, rice milk or soy milk. First make sure you that you are not allergic to any of them.

-Avoid chocolate, alcohol and saturated fats, and if you have chocolate craving check your iron level. You may have iron deficit!

-To find out if your heartburn is due to insufficient acid take a tablespoonful of cider vinegar, if that is a relief for heartburn you know your acid is actually low, this is a rare case.

Below we suggest a wide variety of very effective homeopathic and natural remedies for heartburn, we hope you find the best remedy that suits your condition.

Homeopathic Natural remedies for Heartburn

We have made a careful selection of the most effective homeopathic remedies to cure heartburn. While choosing the best homeopathic remedy for you, try to look at the specific symptoms you are having and if you find two remedies that cover your symptoms feel free to take them both.

One of our favorite homeopathic remedies for heartburn is Acid Free-Flux which is a combination of several homeopathic remedies and provide immediate relief. Mix 0.50 mL in 1/4 cup of water and sip slowly. Repeat every 20-30 minutes as needed until symptoms subside.

– Take Allium sativa CH9 (C6), if you are a peson who  eats a lot of meat(red meat,chiken, fish) and generally eat alot, you often have flatulence and gas in the bowels. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellets.

-Take Nux Vomica C6 (CH9)  for heartburn, when you have eaten very quickly  while being irritated. You may have indulged yourself with spicy food and have had consumed alcohol. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellets.

-Take Robinia pseudoacacia CH9 (C6),  if you have burning sensation in the stomach, and have acidic vomit. The pain comes after eating and also at night.The onset is because of eating fatty food. The stomach is acidic. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellets.

-Take Acidum sulfuricum CH9 (C6),if the burning sensation is in the stomach and esophagus, the vomit is acidic and irritating. The pain comes after facing stress and consumption of alcohol. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellets.

-CapsicumC6 (CH9): Heartburn with burning sensation behind the breast bone, extreme thirst but very tremble after drinking.  You also have burning sensation on the tip of the tongue.You have craving for stimulus. The heartburn  comes after eating or drinking, you feel better with eating but again it gives you heartburn. You feel generally better after undressing, and in a draft. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellet.

-Take CausticumC6  (CH9)if your heartburn comes  with nausea and vomiting. Cold feeling in the pit of the stomach with desire for carbonated drinks. It begins with the sight of food or even the smell of it. You feel better bending forward. You feel worse from lack of sleep and mental exertion. This sounds like students heartburn. Take it two times a day each time 5 pellets.

– Take Carbo vegetabilis C6 (CH9) when belching brings relief and probably you have eaten more than you could bear. You feel there is great need for more air and eating have made you sleepy.Take it two times day each time 5 pellets.

When taking homeopathic natural remedies for heartburn keep in mind not to eat or drink 15 minutes after having taken the remedy.

Herbal and Home Remedies for Heartburn

There are different effective combinations of teas and home remedies for heartburn.  We advise you choose the one that better fits your own taste and condition. We believe that the remedy you take should actually feel pleasant to you.

Do not force yourself in taking something you do not like, that is  stress for the body already. Below you can find some   effective heartburn natural remedies we suggest in any case.

-Take 1 tbsp of Yarrow juice in water before bedtime to restores the acidity. Do this for three weeks.

-Drink  2 cups of Fennel tea per day for three weeks.

-Take 1 tbs of Wormwood juice with one cup of peppermint tea three times daily before meal. Do this for three weeks.

-Take 1tbsp of Aloe Vera Juice daily for three weeks.

-Take 3 cups of tea daily from ginger root, parsley, camomile and slippery elm. Do this for three weeks.

-Combine slippery elm, burdock,Turkish rhubarb and sorrel and make a tea and drink 3 cups a day. Try this for three weeks.

Relief for heartburn

Besides natural remedies for heartburn we would like to recommend  you some nutritional tips to relief heartburn.

-The best remedy for immediate relief for heartburn is to eat a handful of blanched almonds or a handful of dry oatmeal.

-To chew on a piece of dry bread is amongst the easiest home remedies for heartburn.

-Do not take baking soda as it used to be suggested in the past, it builds gas and increases the acidity of the stomach.

Nutritional Supplements for Heartburn

Taking some nutritional supplements and vitamins will provide your body with some extra help for a better functioning or your body. If suffering from heartburn take:

Magnesium 500 Mg for a month.

Calcium1200 mg, to be taken two times a day each time 600 mg for a month.

Vitamin E 400 – 800 I.U. for a month, once a day.

Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. for a month (avoid during pregnancy)

Vitamin B6 50 Mg, for a month once a day.

Lactobacilus Acidophilus take one capsule a day for a month.

We hope you have found our page on natural remedies for heartburn useful and have chosen some remedies and advice to try at first glance. If you find relief in the solutions we recommend, we invite you to come back whenever you are looking for alternative and gentle ways to cure yourself.

We wish you a calm and healthy life.

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Homeopathic remedies are the foundation of homeopathy, a special type of natural healing treatment that dates back to 1796 when a German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann developed it and ever since it became popular all over the world specially in Europe and in North America.

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