Natural Remedies for Depression after Delivery

Natural Ways to Deal with Post Partum Depression

If you have just given birth and you are looking for natural remedies for depression you are in the right place. Besides other natural remedies, we have some good homeopathic remedies for depression in this page.

Post Partum depression is the sadness some women experience immediately after delivery or sometimes later as a delayed form.

Causes of Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression can have both physical and emotional reasons. It is usually related to the drop of pregnancy hormones towards the end of pregnancy and begining of delivery. In this case after one week the problem is resloved spontaneously as the hormones get balanced in the body.

But if emotional reasons are involved, depression may stay with you longer. If depression continues you will need to check your blood iron level and thyroid hormones and get it treated accordingly.

To make this period shorter you might want to try homeopathic remedies for depression to ease the situation. The emotional reason for depression after delivery could be the fact that your role has changed from being an indepentdant woman and a wife to become a mother.

This is a great change itself but sometimes you don’t understand why you don’t feel happy when you have such a beautiful new born baby next to you and everyone else around you fly of happiness and joy.

NaturalRemediesforDepressionIt is important for you to understand that this shift is not easy and you need to, first of all, give some credit to yourself.

You have been an independent and free woman and now you have a wonderful creature who needs your attention almost all the time. Yet there is a feeling of anger that you don’t think you are supposed to have. When these mixed feelings bring out this unexplained sadness,then you are facing post partum depression.

For you to overcome this feelings you need to repeat to yourself that you go beyond limitations and fears and you create your new life. After all we are the designers and the painters of our own lives’ portrait.

If you feel you need a kick after this realization the natural remedies for depression we are suggesting here are to serve your purpose.

Homeopathic Remedies for Baby Blues

If you have depression towards the end of pregnancy and after delivery, you tend to cry, want to be alone, reject others and don’t like consoling, take Sepia CH15 or C12, 5 globulins a day, let them dissolve under your tongue.

If you have depression with extreme fatigue and weakness, you sleep a lot and when alone you cry, and avoid consolation. Take Natrium Chloratum CH 15 or C12, 5 globulins a day. Let them melt under your tongue.

If you are depressed, very sensitive, sad, easily cry even in front of others, always have tears in the eyes, and cry for happy and sad news. You love to be consoled and feel better after that, then take Pulsatilla CH15 or C12. 5globulins per day. Let them dissolve under your tongue.

Dealing with Grief

For depression caused by grief with wildly fluctuating moods take Ignatia C6 three times a day for up to two weeks.

For a depression associated with feeling chilled, on the edge and sensitive to noise and light accompanied by dreams that exhaust you take China C6 three times a day each time 5 globulinns.

Herbs for Depression

Borage tea or juice is one of the most effective remedies for depression, drink the tea during the day.

St.John’s wort juice is a nerve tonic, with its help anxiety and insomnia are relieved.Take one tbsp of juice or one cup of tea three times daily for three weeks.

Add fresh basil leaves to salad to help you lift up your mood.

Gingko stimulates brain’s function. You can take 1 natural capsule two times a day.

Vitamins for Depression- Nutrition Tips

Deficiency of biotin, folic acid and vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium or iodine contributes to depression.


Make sure you check the minerals level in your blood, specially iron and iodine. Eat fresh raw vegetables and fruits, whole grains and avoid sugars.

Vitamin B12, sublingual tablet 1000mcg once a week.

Vitamin B complex 100 mg once a day

Iron 10 mg a day for 8 weeks

Vitamin C 1000mg once a day for 4 weeks.

We hope the information you have found on our site will help you to boost your inmune system, to be conected to your inner peace and to be able to enjoy the new possibility life has given you.

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Homeopathic remedies are the foundation of homeopathy, a special type of natural healing treatment that dates back to 1796 when a German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann developed it and ever since it became popular all over the world specially in Europe and in North America.

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