Natural Cough Remedies

Homeopathic and Home Remedies for Cough

Are you looking for natural cough remedies? Have you been coughing for a long time and don’t know what the cause is?

Before knowing what Natural cough remedies you need to take lets explain some aspects of this problem and exclude certain things that may have caused the cough.

Physical Reasons for Coughing

Cough can appear because of an infection, be it viral like in the case of common cold,or bacterial. It could also come about because of allergy and hey fever that you might have. In order to find the appropriate natural cough remedies for you, make sure you know the causes of your cough.

Cough can be dry or productive, meaning that some mucus comes up your throat. In order to be able to choose the right natural cough remedy for yourself, you need to know the color of the mucus (green, yellow, transparent, white) If you have a chronic cough, you have taken antibiotics and you believe you have done everything to heal it and still you see no recovery, contact us for a constitutional type remedy.

Emotional Reasons for Coughing

Let’s explore some emotions behind a chronic cough. This is only for you to ponder upon and see if this is the case with you or your loved ones. Some times when we feel no one is listening to us or not noticing us, we subconsciously cough.

It could happen to adults who feel they are not getting enough attention or to children for the same reason. If this is the case we need to find other healthy ways to be seen or to be heard. Nurturing oneself or loved ones always helps the process of healing.

If you are looking for natural cough remedies maybe it is also good to see if you are taking enough oxygen through deep breathing everyday.

Oxygen is the most important thing for our life and it is free and available everywhere. Sometimes as we have fear of taking in life fully we also have fear of taking in air. If you pay attention to the way you take a breath you will realize that your breathing is very shallow and small.

Take big bites of air, take it in and be the same with life. We all deserve to live a good, happy and joyous life. Our soul is thirsty for love and needs to be nurtured, if I don’t nurture myself, if I don’t take life in fully who will do it for me?

Repeat some affirmations in your mind: „ I am loved” „ I am safe” „ I am seen in the most positive way”, „ I take in life fully”

Homeopathic Remedies for Cough

For Dry Cough

-Take Aconitum CH15 (C12) if you have been exposed to cold followed by dry cough and sudden high fever and dry skin. Take it one time 5 globulins.

Take Belladonna CH9 (C6) if you have severe sore throat, you are exhausted, you sweat and have fluctuating fever besides you feel thirsty. Take it 3 times a day each time 5 globulins.

Take Bryonia CH9(C6), if you cough with every movement and excersion, you have splitting headache that aggravates by the slightest cough. If you feel pain in your airways and chest, and you feel better when you are still. The whole body feels dried out.Take it 2 times a day each time 5 globulins.

-Take Drosera CH15 (C12) if you have short, acute and repeated cough. Before coughing you feel ticklish in your throat. You cough more when you laugh ,speak and specially at night.Take it once a day, 5 globulins each time.

For Productive Cough.

-Take Ipeca CH9 (C6) for coughing that brings about vomit and throwing up doesn’t make you feel any better. You cough up foamy strechy mucus. Take it 2-3 times a day each time 5 globulins.

-Take Mercurius solubilis CH9 (C6) if you cough up greenish-yellow mucus and you maybe experiencing bad breath. Take it 2 or 3 times a day each time 5 globulins.

-Take Pulsatilla CH15 (C12), if during the day you experience dry cough and at night it turns into productive cough with yellow colored mucus. You may experience not feeling any taste or smell. You feel better in fresh air although you feel cold. Take it 3 times a day, each time 5 globulins.

-If you have a lingering cough after an episode of cold, meaning you don’t have the usual symptoms of common cold such as runny nose and sore throat but you still have the cough, take the remedy Sulfur Iodatum CH15 (C12) once a day for a week. This remedy will clean the cold virus remmanats from your glands and you will feel healthy once again.

Home Remedies for Cough

There are plenty of great natural cough remedies, here we share with you the ones have work best for us.

-Drink lots of room temperature water or even warmer. Eat soup, it will help the mucus to loosen and come out of your chest and throat.

-Make an onion cough syrup. Cut a small onion into slices, mix it with 3 tbsp of brown sugar and let it stand for 12 hours. Take one tbsp of the juice that comes out from the mixture two times a day.

-Cut a medium size onion into very small pieces, cover it with honey. Cover the pot and warm it up with low flame for 40 minutes. Store the syrup in a glass bottle and keep it in the fridge. Take a teaspoon of this syrup every half an hour, until your cough disappears.

-Drink one cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon, add one spoon of honey and repeat this two times a day.

-Make a tea with one cup of boiled water, little cinnamon, one bay leaf, few black pepper balls and two pieces of peanut size ginger, cover the cup with a lid, let it stay for 5 minutes and then drink it. If you like you can add one spoon of honey to it. Drink two cups a day.

-Take 10-20 drops of Echinacea tincture in half glass of water three to five times daily.

-Use anise, mint oil and thyme oil, 3-4 drops of essential oil in water or in a diffuser for inhalation 2 times daily.

-Drink one cup of linden flower tea to calm the cough and have good sleep. This tea will make you sweat and it is very good in cases of fever and common cold.

-If your children cough give them 1tsp of thyme cough syrup mixed with 1 tsp of honey. They will love it.

Natural Cough Remedies – Nutrition

A balanced and healthy diet provides our body with all it needs to heal by itself. Here you will find some nutritional tips that might help you recover quicker when suffering from cough.

Carrot juice is a great nutritional resource for people who cough. Beta-carotene, a provitamin A, and Vitamin A itself, protect the mucous membranes from allergies, respiratory infection and pollution.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C and needed for your body at this stage. Vitamin C is known to protect the body from toxic substances and it improves the immune system of our body.

Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, mandarin, and other fruits like kiwi are very rich in Vitamin C.

Paprika or bell pepper is one of the richest natural products in vitamin C.

Garlic is most effective in boosting your immune system. Odorless capsules are very handy and convenient.

Natural Cough Remedies – Vitamins and Supplements

In order to boost your inmune system and help natural cough remedies work better and faster we suggest you take the following vitamins and supplements:

Beta-carotene 25,000 IU

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids 3000-mg

Garlic capsules 3 times a day until the cough is resolved.

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU for a month (avoid during pregnancy)

Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU

Green food supplements, 1tsp.

To strenghthen the immune system in children (1-11 years old) we suggest KiddieBoost drops which support a healthy immune functioning in children. Its components (Echinacea,Ashwagandha and Milk-vetch )help maintaining healthy childhood immunity functioning and support a developing immune system.

It also supports vitality, vigor and healthy development in children, it helps getting a healthy circulation and oxygen-rich blood flow to all systems in the body.

Use one drop per year of age three times daily. For example for a 5 year old child, dilute 5 drops in a small amount of water or juice, sip it slowly and repeat this three times a day.

For children above 12 years and adults we highly recommend Immunity Plus which provides complete and effective immune system support.

We hope you have found our natural cough remedies useful, use what you find more convenient for your life style and if you feel better let’s us know or come back to our site to try some other natural cures for cough we have suggested.

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Homeopathic remedies are the foundation of homeopathy, a special type of natural healing treatment that dates back to 1796 when a German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann developed it and ever since it became popular all over the world specially in Europe and in North America.

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