Homeopathic Treatment for Acne

Natural Remedies for Healthy Skin

Are you looking for a Homeopathic treatment for Acne? Let’s us first learn a bit how acne is formed.

AcnefreeAcne is caused by an overproduction of sebum, an oily substance that helps protect the skin. A build-up of sebum blocks the pores which produce the blackheads.The color of blackheads is because of their exposure to air at the skin surface.

When blocked pores get infected we see acne. Acne is caused by many reasons, physical or emotional.

Physical Reasons for Acne

Hormonal imbalances, constipation and overburdened liver unable to detoxify the blood thoroughly. The skin is another means of detoxification so toxins that remain in the blood are eliminated through the skin.

Rarely exposure to chemicals such as iodine, bromine, chlorine and petroleum also causes acne.

Emotional Reasons for Acne

You may want to consider that the reason behind acne most of the time is not accepting oneself or better say dislike of self.

Most probably you have experienced the bitter feeling of not being liked for who you are be it by your caretakers or a partner. Don’t even try to change that because it is impossible but, you can change your own attitude towards yourself.

Right now your body is reacting to something that you have believed and you will need to get rid off it. Sometimes a shock of ending a relationship causes acne, no matter how old or young we are.

<pWho would respect and love me if I don’t? No body loves me more than I can love myself and believe it or not this is good news. We are not suggesting that we should become egoistic but loving our higher self and our being is the first step for loving others.

Let’s put it this way:”I am the king or the queen of my own kingdom“!

If you are suffering from eruption of acne on your skin, we suggest the following treatments:

Homeopathic Remedies for Acne

Single Remedies

-Arnica Montana CH9 or C6: If it begins in nose area, it is painful and appears on symmetric places.

-Hepar Sulfur CH15 or C12. For inflamed acne, painful, slow healing, big and deep pimples under the skin.

-Ledum C6 or CH9: for pus filled acne on the cheeks and nose.

-Pulsatilla C6 or CH9: for acne associated with hormonal changes particularly beginning of menstruation.

-Kalium bromatum C6 or CH9: for acne that is itchy, stinging not only on the face but on the chest and shoulder.

Each remedy you choose (one or more)take it twice a day, each time 5 globulines half an hour before or half an after meals.

If the single remedies we are suggesting don’t suit your case you may wish to try a combined remedy which would work on different levels on your acne. These remedies fight off bacteria, cure irritated skin and balance oily skin.

Combined Remedies

We highly recommend MediAc, a combined homeopathic remedy that reduces acne including blackheads and whiteheads on the face and body.

This remedy fights off bacteria that causes pimples, reduces redness, bumps and flaky, irritated skin and speeds up new skin rejuvenation and removal of dead skin cells and encourages routine regulation of skin oils for acne prevention.

Natural Cures to Acne

If you want to have a healthy and clear skin, here we suggest some very easy home treatments we learned from our mothers and they have proved to be useful.

-First steam your face 3 times a week with simple boiling water. Then use oatmeal flakes mixed with some sugar and some drops of water making a paste and scrub your face. Make sure you do this in the evenings and take 5 globuli of Arnica CH9 to enhance the healing and regeneration of your skin.

You can always apply a thin layer of plain yogurt as a mask on your face to have a smoother skin. Leave it for 15 minutes, after wash it with luke warm water.

Other Natural Remedies for Acne

-Chamomile face steam for 15 minutes: this will open the clogged pores, then wash your face with a warm damp cotton cloth soaked in chamomile infusion or sage to desinfect. Finish with a cool splash of yarrow infusion to tighten the pores.

-Drink Aloe Vera Juice for two weeks to clean your body internally.This will contribute greatly to clearing up acne.

-Apply Aloe Vera Gel or calendula cream directly to the skin.

-Dab one drop of tea tree oil on the head of the pimple two times a day. Tea Tree Oil  has a variety of antimicrobial activities and has been used successfully as a topical treatment for many skin conditions.

Vitamins – Per day

-Take Vitamin A , 50000 IU for two days then reduce to 25000 IU per day for 2 months maximum.(avoid during pregnancy)

Zinc For Acne 50 mg

Selenium 200 Mcg

Vitamin B6 100 Mg as P-5-P 100 mg for those women who have acne before their period, to be taken during the last two weeks of the cycle.

We hope you find our suggestions useful and you acquire a glamorous skin that makes you feel more confident, happier and you allow yourself to be seen and shine.

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