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Homeopathic remedies are the foundation of homeopathy, a special type of natural healing treatment that dates back to 1796 when a German physician Samuel Christian Hahnemann developed it and ever since it became popular all over the world specially in Europe and in North America.

These natural remedies seek to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself by giving very small doses of highly diluted substances made from herbs, minerals or animal resources.

Chamomile flower and homeopathic medication on blue surface
Chamomile flower and homeopathic medication on blue surface

Homeopathy is an effective system of healing that assists the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. The body recognizes that symptoms of illnesses are expressions of imbalance within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease.

How does homeopathy work?

ArnicaMontanaIf you or your child gets sick frequently, an antibiotic could do the job for you and simply kill the bacteria but you may not wish to over- use antibiotics due to their side effects. On the contrary, when a cold virus or a bacteria attacks the body, a homeopathic remedy(prescribed based on the symptoms) strengthens the body’s immunity and the immune system fights the virus or bacteria on a natural way.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted during the process of preparation in pharmaceutical factories therefore they are safe for everyone included children and women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Where to start using homeopathy? Are you skeptical?

To be on the safe side you may wish to keep a simple homeopathic remedy: Arnica Montana CH9 or C6 at home. This remedy is considered a first aid remedy.

If you or your child have any minor injury, a bump on the head, a bruise after a normal blood test or your body is aching after a gym session, take 5 globuls of Arnica and let it melt in your mouth.

The healing process is very smooth. Soon after you take the remedy, you will feel as if it had been healed by itself, and that’s absolutely right, the remedy has given the body just a signal to accelerate the process of self-healing.

Should the patient believe in homeopathy?

Homeopathy and its remedies work succesfully on animals and children, this may answer the question per ce. But I personally believe that having faith helps even more, faith to the doctor, to the remedy, to one’s own power or to a higher power be it God, love or universe.

Is homeopathy for acute or chronic cases?

The answer is both. If you have a chronic case such as high blood pressure, thyroid imbalances, allergy , asthma, chronic bowel syndrome, chronic sinusitis, high cholestrol or chronic depression you may wish to consult a homeopathic doctor in your area.

Acute cases such as cold, acute headache, menstrual pain, colic pain in children, diahrrea among others can be cured with homeopathy quickly.

HerbalTeaThis site offers you a variety of natural choices for your health, from homeopathic remedies to aromatherapy and herbal medicine, something close and friendly to your nature.

Let us guide you to find out what is the best natural cure for you. Feel free to browse around.

All the best!

Parvaneh and Olga!

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